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A fast play solo RPG about an interstellar probe’s journey

"Biosignatures" puts you in the role of an AI interstellar slower than light probe. The game covers a 100,000 years of the probe’s eons long journey across the galaxy. You'll sequentially traverse 13 tables, employing a 66-sided die mechanism (2d6). The first die gives the first digit, the second the second digit, generating 36 possible results from 11 to 66. Your dice rolls map to a table entry, leading you through the game as you create the narrative of your choice. The game can also be used as an alien life generator for other SF-RPG's. You will need a pair of regular dice and imagination.

Game instructions

1. Roll: Begin with a roll on each table. If the result fits your unfolding story, use it.

2. Re-roll: Unhappy with the outcome? You may choose one re-roll, but the new result is final.

3. Proceed: Advance to the next table, interpreting the outcome within your adventure. Follow the sequence from table 1 to 13.

4. Imagine: Reflect on or record each roll, choice, and reaction. Consider their broader implications on your journey.

Throughout the 13 tables, weave the results and discarded rolls into your narrative. Your creativity will guide your tale, reflecting not only on chosen paths but also on what might have been. The game ends after all 13 tables are traversed, culminating in the resolution of your story.

For this one I wanted a straightforward exploration game. Just a set of locations and lifeforms with are evocative for stories about an interstellar probe. You can also use it to generate locations of probes data for any other RPG.

Love you all and happy wandering.

Rod Humble


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