A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fayum was created during my residency at the SFMOMA in 2016 and was shown & played within it during that time.

The instructions given to visitors on how to play was as follows.

"This is a game you cannot lose. To control the game just move the mouse around, there is no clicking the mouse just move it. "

Thats it. Enjoy

Rod Humble


although the game is played entirely by moving the mouse there are some utility keyboard commands -

'F' put the game into fullscreen

'G' exit full screen

'ESC' quit game


fayumWIN.zip 227 MB
fayumMAC.zip 226 MB

Install instructions

The game is pretty bare bones. Just download the zip file, extract it up and click on the fayum.app or fayum.exe within the directory.

Windows & Macs have this thing now where you have to do various security hoops to run apps these days. I trust anyone who downloads indie games knows how to do this. If you are new to it just follow the instructions and read closely the text, like under windows 10 its hidden under "details" in the panic pop up they give you.