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"Interstellar Criminal," a solo role-playing game where you navigate the perilous depths of the interstellar underworld. 


In "Interstellar Criminal" you'll sequentially traverse 13 tables, employing a 66-sided die mechanism (2d6). The first die gives the first digit, the second the second digit, generating 36 possible results from 11 to 66. Your dice rolls map to a table entry, leading you through adventures, intrigues, and final farewells. You will need a pair of regular dice and imagination.

Game instructions

1. Roll: Begin with a roll on each table. If the result fits your unfolding story, use it.

2. Re-roll: Unhappy with the outcome? You may choose one re-roll each table, but the new result is final.

3. Proceed: Advance to the next table, interpreting the outcome and discarded results within your adventure. Follow the sequence from table 1 to 13.

4. Imagine: Reflect on or record each roll, choice, and reaction. Consider their broader implications on your journey.


Throughout the 13 tables, weave the results and discarded rolls into your narrative. Your creativity will guide your tale, reflecting not only on chosen paths but also on what might have been. The game ends after all 13 tables are traversed, culminating in the resolution of your story.

Table 01 - Origins: Discover your character's background and initial steps into the criminal underworld.

Table 02 - First Heist: Your first major criminal endeavor, shaping your reputation.

Table 03 - Crew Formation: Gathering your gang, from hackers to muscle.

Table 04 - Turf Wars: Competing with rival gangs for control and influence.

Table 05 - The Syndicate: Dealing with the larger crime syndicates and their politics.

Table 06 - Tech and Augmentation: Utilizing futuristic technology and body modifications.

Table 07 - Interstellar Ventures: Expanding criminal activities beyond your home habitat.

Table 08 - Law and Corruption: Encounters with law enforcement and corrupt officials.

Table 09 - Betrayals and Alliances: Navigating shifting loyalties and forming new alliances.

Table 10 - Underworld Influence: Gaining power and influence in the criminal world.

Table 11 - Rival Bosses: Confrontations with other criminal leaders.

Table 12 - The Great Heist: Planning and executing a legendary, high-stakes heist.

Table 13 - Legacy and Demise: Reflecting on your criminal career and its culmination.

This solo RPG series is crafted for a quick and engaging experience, removing complex setup and bookkeeping. It's a portal to the dark world of space criminals, designed for anyone to embark on a grand space saga in minutes. The game's essence lies in its streamlined approach: engaging narratives and straightforward choices derived from table results. With just dice . the choice of rerolls and creative tables, players can craft intricate stories in a wild, unregulated cosmic setting. It's for those seeking a brief, imaginative journey and the chance to carve out their own story in an interstellar criminal empire.

Love ya, Rod


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