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a fast play solo RPG by Rod Humble

 In this solo RPG You sequentially traverse 13 tables, employing a 66-sided die mechanism (2d6). The first die gives the first digit, the second the second digit, generating 36 possible results from 11 to 66. Your dice rolls map to a table entry, leading you through the game as you create the narrative of your choice. You will need a pair of regular dice and imagination.

Game instructions

1. Roll: Begin with a roll on each table. If the result fits your unfolding story, use it.

2. Re-roll: Unhappy with the outcome? You may choose one re-roll per table, but the new result is final.

3. Proceed: Advance to the next table, interpreting the outcome within your adventure. Follow the sequence from table 1 to 13.

4. Imagine: Reflect on or record each roll, choice, and reaction. Consider their broader implications on your journey.

Throughout the 13 tables, weave the results and discarded rolls into your narrative. Your creativity will guide your tale, reflecting not only on chosen paths but also on what might have been. The game ends after all 13 tables are traversed, culminating in the resolution of your story.

1. Inspirations: Early experiences that ignite your love for fashion, from discovering high couture in a glossy magazine to your first time clubbing in an outfit that makes heads turn.

2. Trials: Academic and life challenges that shape your skills, including late-night design sessions fueled by coffee and maybe something stronger, and heated debates in the halls of your design school.

3. Portfolio Genesis: Creating your first portfolio amidst a whirlwind of passion and young love, setting the stage for your aesthetic vision and personal branding.

4. First Collection: Debuting your initial line, capturing attention both on the runway and in backstage dalliances; it's not just your designs that are making a statement.

5. The Business: Schmoozing and negotiating in glitzy industry parties and high-stakes meetings, forming bonds and rivalries with key figures in the industry over champagne and secrets.

6. Craft: Perfecting your skills and design ethos amidst the glamour and grime, from meticulous fabric selection to sexual escapades that inspire new textures and forms.

7. Sensation: Unveiling your second major collection to rave reviews, solidifying your status as a serious designer and a desirable fixture in the nightlife scene.

8. Crisis: Facing hurdles in your professional life that test your will, whether it's a failed collection or a tabloid scandal involving sex or drugs that puts your reputation at risk.

9. Life: Meeting personal challenges and distractions head-on, like tumultuous relationships or hedonistic distractions, that make you question your role and desires in this glamorous yet demanding industry.

10. Expression: Launching your third groundbreaking collection inspired by a transformative love affair or an eye-opening psychedelic experience, setting new standards in fashion and self-discovery.

11. Brand Evolution: Adapting your brand and personal philosophy in a strategic pivot, perhaps prompted by new sexual or aesthetic awakenings, or a sobering encounter that changes your perspective.

12. The Moments: Achieving career milestones that define your legacy, be it prestigious awards, lucrative collaborations, or unforgettable sexual and social encounters that immortalize you in industry lore.

13. Legacy and Impact: Reflecting on a rollercoaster journey of fame, love, and artistic creation, weighing your contributions to fashion against the personal costs and future possibilities.

Enjoy, love you all


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